Xenia Savva graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Human Evolutionary Biology and a deep interest in Public Health from studying at the University of Havana, Cuba. As a researcher and pre-medical student, she has had a long standing interest in the mechanisms of physical healing, and the role culture, behaviour and mindfulness can all play in this process, particularly in the relief of chronic disease.

During her undergraduate career she was awarded a David Rockefeller Experience Grant to explore the benefits of practicing Mindfulness Meditation in the Buddhist Zen tradition. She has had much experience with various definitions, practices and concepts of mindfulness.

In addition to the health benefits, she is interested in exploring how mindfulness transforms interpersonal relationships, inspires creativity and innovation, and how expression, art, music and ritual can bring about further awareness and mindful states. She is interested in harnessing these concepts and expanding them in educational institutions and across healthcare systems in the USA, UK and Cuba.

Xenia is a Researcher at the Ellen Langer Mindfulness Lab in Harvard University’s Psychology department. She is part of a team, working with Dr. Phillips and Dr. Pagnini, developing a curriculum aimed at teaching mindfulness to help improve the quality of life of those living with chronic illness.