What will I do if I retire?

A problem for the large number of potential retirees is how to keep from going crazy if they retire. It’s an odd problem in that, if we’re thinking of retiring, we’re probably not our happiest at work or the issue probably wouldn’t come up in the first place.

There is no reason to expect to know exactly what we’ll want to do when we’ve never been in the position before. Those of us who can’t find the time to do the things we love doing, probably won’t have a problem in retirement. This doesn’t represent a large number of us though. The real problem is not not knowing what we’ll do but is thinking we should know. The second problem is one that existed throughout our lives and that is waiting for something to grab our interest.

As I’ve written many times before in different contexts, activities are not inherently interesting or boring. Tom Sawyer was bored watching his friends take over his fence- painting chores. If we want to find something, or someone for that matter, interesting, all we need to do is notice things about it. The more we mindfully notice, the more engaged we become and the more our decision to leave an unfulfilling job seems the right decision.