Positive Health On Mindful Health

Michael Horgan has written a terrific article that gives an overview of mindfulness and health, ” Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility.” He concludes:

Langer’s definition of mindfulness is very interesting, because it aligns more with definitions of critical thinking than with definitions of mindfulness as a meditative acceptance of all that is. Langer’s mindfulness is very pro-active, energized, engaged, optimistic, constructive, and uninhibited in the face of failure. Langer believes that the future is largely indeterminate, not uncontrollable. We don’t know for sure whether or not we can control something unless we try, and if we fail this does not imply that we cannot control the thing we set of to control, only that we failed to control it at the time of trying; the situation remains indeterminate, but the possibility of control is still a possibility. Langer maintains a beautiful balance: she is skeptical and constructive at the same time, open to the possibility that she may be right or wrong, or right and wrong—only experience will tell and only mindful experience will transform.