Dr. Philip Z. Maymin is a professor of analytics and the director of the Master’s in Business Analytics program at the Fairfield University Dolan School of Business. He is the founding managing editor of Algorithmic Finance and the co-founder and co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Sports Analytics. He has also been an analytics consultant with several NBA teams and the Chief Analytics Officer for Vantage Sports. He is the Chief Technology Officer for the Esports Development League (ESDL). He is also an Insight Partner with Essentia Analytics.

He holds a Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Chicago (dissertation chair: Richard H. Thaler), a Master’s in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University, and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Harvard University. He also holds a J.D. and is an attorney-at-law admitted to practice in California.

He has been a portfolio manager at Long-Term Capital Management, Ellington Management Group, and his own hedge fund, Maymin Capital Management.

He has also been a policy scholar for a free market think tank, a Justice of the Peace, a Congressional candidate, a professor of finance and risk engineering at the NYU School of Engineering, a professor of analytics and finance at the University of Bridgeport Trefz School of Business, and a columnist for American Banker, the Fairfield County Weekly and LewRockwell.com. He is also an award-winning journalist and the author of Yankee Wake Up, Free Your Inner Yankee, and Yankee Go Home.

He was a finalist for the 2010 Bastiat Prize for Online Journalism. He was awarded a Wolfram Innovator Award in 2015. He won the Wolfram Live Coding Challenge in 2016 and second place in 2018, and he won the Wolfram One-Liner Competition in 2015, 2016, and 2018. He was named one of the Top 50 Data and Analytics Professionals in the US and Canada by Corinium in 2018. He was a finalist for the Hackathon and won the Grand Prize for Best Research Paper at the 12th Annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in 2018.

His popular writings have been published in dozens of media outlets ranging from Bloomberg to Forbes to the New York Post to American Banker to regional newspapers, and his research has been profiled in dozens more, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Financial Times, Boston Globe, NPR, BBC, Guardian (UK), CNBC, Newsweek Poland, Financial Times Deutschland, and others.

His research on behavioral and algorithmic finance has appeared in Quantitative Finance, North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Journal of Portfolio Management, Journal of Wealth Management, Journal of Applied Finance, and Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, among others, and his textbook Financial Hacking was recently published by World Scientific.