It might help people who have become older. I couldn’t feel any younger than I do. This is one of the happiest days in my life, making me young again.


While Dr. Langer conducted some of the earliest research on meditation, her work has focused mainly of mindfulness without meditation. She discovered that becoming mindful is much easier than most people realize. Mindlessness is pervasive. Most people much of the time are mindless. They are simply “not there.”

The problem is that when you’re not there you’re not there to know that you’re not there. The simple process of noticing new things is the key to being there. When we notice new things we come to see the world with the excitement of seeing and experiencing it for the first time, but with the comfort that of our previous life experience brings to the activity. The mindfulness training at the retreat shows us how to  infuse all of our everyday activities—seeing, hearing, walking, shopping, singing, reading, writing, gardening, drawing—in a fresh and thoroughly engaging way.  The program is designed to lead to lifelong learning that is fun and literally and figuratively enlivening.

Langer mindfulness training shows us:

  • How to restore a zest for life
  • How to remove stress from our lives
  • How to enjoy the simple pleasures of a life well lived
  • How to experience a world of possibilities
  • How to change from being sealed in a life not fully lived to one where engagement is the rule and not the exception.

Recognizing that humor relies on mindfulness and we’re always mindful when we’re having fun, it becomes easy to see how this program is energy begetting. Thus participants enjoying a beautiful resort will have a vacation that lasts a lifetime. Among other things, Langer Mindfulness Training has been found to improve health, cognitive abilities, stamina, creativity, relationship satisfaction, and happiness.