Michael is an Associate Professor of Management Systems and Director of the Center for Humanistic Management at Fordham University and a Research Fellow at Harvard University.  His current research focuses on mindfulness as a lever for well-being creation on organizational contexts. Michael has also examined stakeholder trust in organizational contexts, the impact of organizational design on stakeholder well-being and social enterprises as humanistic alternatives to traditional business design. In his teaching, he has focused on the management dilemmas in the 21st century, such as ecological and social sustainability, stakeholder trust, employee engagement and individual happiness. He also uses activity based learning techniques to teach social entrepreneurship. Michael is currently a research fellow and a lecturer at Harvard University. Before receiving his doctorate, Michael worked in international management consulting for several years. He also gained experience in the political arena while working on Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign. Michael has started several social enterprises in the area of economic development and currently serves on the board of three social enterprises based in the U.S.

Michael Pirson received his PhD in Organizational Behavior from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.