Maja Djikic, Ph.D. is a Director of Self-Development Laboratory at University of Toronto.  She had been a post-doctoral fellow working with Ellen Langer at Harvard University and at the Desautels Center for Integrative Thinking at University of Toronto.  Maja is a personality psychologist specializing in how literature (and other arts) affect personality development.  She has published more than 20 scientific articles and book chapters in journals such asPsychological Science,  Journal of Research in Personality, Creativity Research Journal, New Ideas in Psychology, Journal of Adult Development, and many others.   Maja’s most recent research on effect of literature on thinking and empathy, has been described in 29 different media outlets (across 13 countries, and in 9 languages).  She has won numerous scholarships and fellowships from the University of Toronto, Ontario Government, and Government of Canada, as well as a teaching award from the Psychology Department at University of Toronto. Maja has taught courses in personality psychology, creative writing, and seminars on personality development for the last 10 years. Currently, she is completing a speculative novel about the societal effects of life-extension technologies.