Dr. Laura Delizonna is a positive psychologist who trained with Dr. Langer as a doctoral student. As Chief Learning Officer at Wisdom Labs, she designs and delivers practical, science-based trainings that increase wellbeing and mindfulness ​to transform company culture. ​She is an author of four books, international speaker, and executive coach ​. She works with leaders, providing them​ with practical tools for optimal performance and thriving at work and in life. Since 2005, she has been an instructor at Stanford ​University​ . Her courses are among the most popular in Continuing Studies, attracting top business leaders from Silicon Valley and beyond. She is a former researcher of the mechanisms underlying wellbeing, mindfulness, and habit change. Preliminary research suggests that her programs enhance ​mindfulness, ​ wellbeing, ​and ​ emotional intelligence. Participants often refer to them as life changing experiences.