Born in 1968 in New Bedford, John Borowicz studied painting at The Universities of Massachusetts at both Amherst and Dartmouth. Since 2009 the artist has been represented by Adam Baumgold Gallery in New York, which presented the solo exhibition “Sprawling Conglomerates” in 2010. His work has been included in eight group exhibitions at the gallery.

John has a participated in a number of other recent group exhibitions, including “The Question Of Drawing” at The Ogunquit Museum of Art (2011); “Bigger” at The Jamestown Arts Center (2012); “Homegrown” at The New Bedford Art Museum (2008); “Grand Opening” and “Small Works” at Dedee Shattuck Gallery (2011 & 2012). His work has been included in numerous national and international periodicals including New American Paintings, Tema Celeste, New York Home, Wired UK and Versus.

What I consider to be my best work inevitably comes at unexpected times and in surprising ways: a slip of the hand in a sketchbook, the meaningless scribble or diversionary exercise, the mistake and that most beautiful state of play.  It is in these golden moments, when I lack artfulness or forget that I am an artist, that I become one.  The genesis of my recent paintings came exactly this way. A twisted nest of lines asked me to find a form in it and I just happened to be paying attention. 

John lives and works in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.