Add more life to your years and learn how to live the ordinary life extraordinarily.

In the landmark Counterclockwise study, mature adults lived for a week as though they were their younger selves and became younger psychologically and physically.

Now this transformation is possible for you or your parent at Ellen Langer’s Counterclockwise Retreat in a relaxed, comfortable environment. All adults can apply to participate in this program and learn how to recapture their younger selves and become more mindful in the present moment.

Participants will learn:

  • How to nurture a zest for life
  • How to remove stress from our lives
  • How to enjoy the simple pleasures of a life well lived
  • How to experience a world of possibilities
  • How to change from being sealed in a life not fully lived to one where engagement is the rule and not the exception

Counterclockwise presents a new way to think about lifelong health and aging.

Deepak Chopra, M.D.

The participants will be guided through an immersive learning experience that will empower them to live with greater vitality, energy and engagement. This unique process is based on Dr. Langer’s groundbreaking original research.

Among other things, Langer Mindfulness Training has been found to improve health, cognitive abilities, stamina, creativity, relationship satisfaction, and happiness.

Participants at the retreat will also be guided through a mindfulness program designed to help them take their new skills home with them to live an artful life. This mindfulness training at the retreat will show participants how to infuse everyday activities—seeing, hearing, walking, shopping, singing, reading, writing, gardening, drawing—in a fresh and thoroughly engaging way.

The program is designed to lead to lifelong learning that is fun and both literally and figuratively enlivening. We recognize that humor relies on mindfulness and we’re always mindful when we’re having fun, so it’s easy to see how this program is energy begetting. Participants enjoying a beautiful resort in Conde Nast’s number 1 vacation destination will have an experience to last a lifetime.

Please contact us for inquiries and information on applying.