Counterclockwise makes a strong case for the influence of expectation and belief on how our bodies function, on how we heal, and even how we age. Ellen Langer presents fascinating scientific data to support this view and argues convincingly that we should learn to take greater control of our health through the practice of mindfulness. Her research is innovative and empowering.

Andrew Weil, M.D.

In 1979, the first Counterclockwise study we retrofitted a retreat to twenty years earlier and had mature adults live there for a week as their younger selves. By essentially turning back time, their mental health, physical strength, cognitive abilities, and youthful appearance all improved. The results are consistent with many of our research findings since that time.

The original counterclockwise study with mature adults has now been conducted in three countries (US, Great Britain, and South Korea) all yielding very powerful results concerning possibilities for enhanced functioning for older adults. Physical health, cognitive abilities and general well-being were significantly enhanced.

Additional research is collected and shared in Langer’s book, Counterclockwise.