Chanmo Park is currently a PhD candidate in the psychology department at Harvard University. He also serves as the CEO at the Ellen Langer Institute Asia (Visit ELIA Website) and the LMI in Korea (Visit LMIK Website).

Chanmo received his Master’s degree at Harvard University and a B.S. in psychology from Illinois State University, graduating summa cum laude. His research focuses on understanding the body–mind relationship. Chanmo takes a multidisciplinary approach embracing psychological, physiological, and social contexts to study mindfulness. In diverse academic and real-life contexts—medical, educational, spiritual, educational—he observes how mindsets are strongly linked to physical health and overall well-being.

Currently, Chanmo has been working with Dr. Langer on several research projects based on mindfulness effects on fatigue, stress, burnout, ADHD, ALS, hypertension, and diabetes. For example, they recently challenged a common notion that type II diabetics must manage their blood glucose levels only by conventional diet, exercise, and medications. Instead, assuming that bodies cannot be separated from minds, they hypothesized that blood glucose levels would follow perceived time rather than actual time. Their results suggest that, indeed, type II diabetics appeared to be able to control their glucose levels by changing their mindsets (Click HERE to read full article).

Chanmo has been working to expand The Langer Mindfulness Institute into ASIA.