Absent- mindedness is nothing more than mindlessness but its consequences may be far worse than just misplacing our keys, as frustrating as that can be. Mindlessness is pervasive and costly. The problem is that when we’re mindless we’re not there to know that we’re not there so we’re generally oblivious to how much time we’re not in the present. Misplacing our keys may be a good thing if it reveals our mindlessness to us.

Our research has shown that the antidote, mindfulness, results in clear benefits to our competence, memory, well being em — dash even longevity. It’s surprisingly easy to be mindful. All we have to do is notice new things. That’s it. Just notice new things and doing so puts us in the present.

If we’re mindful when we put our keys down, we’ll have no problem locating them when we need them later.