The Langer Mindfulness Institute focuses on three main activities:

  • Research testing the impact of mindfulness without meditation on challenging health issues including breast cancer, prostate cancer, PTSD the common cold, diabetes, and sleep;
  • Workshops and Retreats teaching participants how to live boldly based on validated research, and
  • Redesigning the workplace through offering “mindfulness at work” conferences and consulting services.

Our organizational consulting work focuses on mindful leadership, innovation, mindful strategy processes, and work/life integration. Our work has been with companies such as THORLO and Santander Bank as well as NGOs such as CARE, Vermont Energy Action Network, the Federal Aviation Administration, Intel, and Florida Power & Light. In 2014 two Langer Research Institutes were established in China and in India.  An Institute in the Berkshires, Massachusetts is also planned for 2018.

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